Zwift: How to get setup on any budget - The Kit List


We took a look at the various setups that you can buy to get yourself on Zwift.

Turns out, you don’t need to spend much to get going but if money is no object, you can really splash the cash on a super setup. Check out the links below to see where you can buy the kit featured in this video.

The Bare Minimum

A basic turbo trainer - £30

We got ours from eBay for just under £30 and there’s certainly a lot of choice down at this bargain price.

A Bluetooth speed/cadence sensor - £19.69

This is a great little bargain. It’ll get you going on Zwift and you can also use it with a GPS head unit to give you more training data. 

Economy Setup

This is where we start to add some items to our basic setup that make the Zwifting experience better for you and anyone else in your house.

Yoga Mat - £10

A yoga mat will protect the floor, reduce the noise of the turbo and stop sweat from forming a puddle on the floor.

A fan from Amazon - £15

Training indoors can be a sweaty business. A fan will help massively.

An Old T-Shirt - £0

A freebie that works wonders. You can wipe the sweat from your brow, and it’ll keep some of that sweat from soaking into your bar tape and headset. You really don’t want that.

Bonus points awarded for the most obscure 70’s rock band.

Mid-Range Setup - £859

This is where we really start to get into ‘interactive’ smart training.

We’ve kept our old t-shirt, but everything else here is new.

Elite Suito Smart Trainer - £550

A brilliant smart trainer that comes with a cassette. You can read Dave’s full review here.

Indoor Training Mat - £50

This mat is thicker than the yoga mat, and wider too. That makes it much better at dulling vibrations from the flywheel.

Apple TV - £180

An easy way to run Zwift if your laptop doesn’t have the power.

Under-Bed Desk - £30

This brings the screen closer to you, making it easier to see your data. You can also mount the magic arm on here.

2nd Hand Computer Monitor - £35

It’s surprising what you can get on eBay. You won’t need anything fancy like 4K. HD will be absolutely fine.

Big Gym Fan - £35

When it comes to cooling air, more is better. In fact, keeping yourself cool is a quick and simple way to improve your performance in Zwift races.

Magic Arm - £15

One of our favourite gadgets. This makes using the Zwift companion app really easy and takes your phone out of the ‘sweat zone’.

High-End Setup - £2,590

It’s time to spend some serious cash. We’ve kept the training mat and the Magic Arm from the mid-range setup.

Wahoo Kickr - £1000

One of the best trainers on the market, the Kickr is immensely popular with Zwift racers.

Wahoo Kickr Climb - £500

If you want to get seriously immersed in the Zwift experience then experiencing the gradient changes is a great way to do so.

Wahoo Headwind Fan - £200

This fan connects up with your heart rate and can interact with your in-game speed.

40” TV - £300

Bigger is often better and that is definitely true when it comes to a TV. You’ll be able to clearly see who’s attacking up the final climb. 

Mini PC - £450

A dedicated mini PC for Zwift will give you the processing power to smoothly run the game in high quality.

TV Stand - £60

If you can't mount the TV on the wall, then this will get your screen up to eye-level.

Sweat Catcher - £15

This simple bit of kit is a much better way of keeping corrosive sweat away from your headset than the old t-shirt.

Money No Object Setup - £3,195

The big one. The dream setup of the avid Zwift racer. Indoor training will never be so good and if you’ve got the dedicated pain cave space then this is what we’d put in it.

Coming with us from the high-end setup is the 40” TV, mini PC, training mat, TV stand and the big gym fan.

Tacx Neo Smart Bike - £2,300

What a machine the Neo Bike is. Costing as much as a mid-range bike, it has programmable gears, a fully adjustable geometry and its own fans. 

It also glows. Come on!

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