Prep for Winter Riding - Huge Deals on Lights


Exposure, Hope, Lezyne & More

Lately, we've noticed the nights starting to draw in. It's depressing but it has reminded us to start the hunt for lights.

Front Lights

62% off Lezyne Deca Drive 1500i Loaded Front Light - 1500 Lumen


One of the best deals out there. This Lezyne is a heavy commuting option at a great price.

This loaded version comes with an external battery pack to double your run time.

Buy Now at £79.99

47% off Exposure Switch Mk2 with DayBright Front Light - 375 Lumen


Looking for a reliable front light for town riding? Exposure's build quality is famous.

With 375 lumens, this is perfect for extra lighting of lit streets, or as a tool to increase your visibility.

Buy Now at £42

21% off Exposure Strada MK9 Super Light Front Light - 900 Lumen


We've had the pleasure of using this light for our post-work training sessions and even on unlit country roads, we can see clearly.

The light lasts for ages and the clamp is excellent. If you're doing serious commuting, we'd highly recommend this!

Buy Now at £164.99

38% off Exposure Diablo SYNC Front Light - 1750 Lumen


With a very good lumen output from the lightweight, compact design this is an excellent helmet-mounted option.

Pair with the Strada MK9 for absolute commuting perfection.

Buy Now at £188.99

25% Hope R2i LED Vision (Integrated 2 Cell Battery) Front Light - 1400 Lumen


We know a number of riders that swear by Hope for riding in the worst weather.

This 1400 lumen light comes with handlebar and helmet mounts, giving you the flexibility to use this with an even bigger light when trail riding.

Buy Now at £130

41% off Moon Meteor Storm Pro Rechargeable Front Bike Light - 2000 Lumen


2000 lumens is a whole lot of power from such a compact and cheap front light.

This one also comes with a remote that you can pre-programme to easily access your favourite modes. 

For us, that would be full-beam for until roads with no cars, a 'dipped' beam when other road users are around and a flashing mode for town riding.

Buy Now at £73.99

Rear Lights

Using a rear light isn't, for us anyway, reserved for low-light conditions.

A daytime running light is great for added visibility, especially when you go from bright sunlight into the shadow of trees.

Up to 34% off Lezyne Zecto Drive Rear - 80 Lumens


If you're just riding through town on your way to work then the 80 lumens of this Zecto Drive will be plenty.

The light is very easy to attach and quick to charge via the USB port.

Buy Now at £22.99

20% off Lezyne Zecto Drive Rear - 250 Lumens


If your rides take in unlit country roads, or you'd like more visibility during the day then the 250-lumen version of the above light is great.

The extra power will kick out 250 lumens for 9 hours, enough for the longest summer rides, or a week of commuting.

Buy Now at £38.39

14% off Exposure Blaze Mk3 Rechargeable Rear light

Exposure_BlazeMK3RechargeableRearLight (1).jpg

For serious commuting Exposure's build quality makes the Blaze MK3 a solid option.

The 150-lumen mode is good for several hours but switch it down into a more economical mode and you can get a week of training rides from one charge.

Buy Now at £98

Evans Cycles Ex-Display

There are some great deals in Evans Cycles' ex-display section with plenty of Exposure lights available.

Check out the latest offers here.

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