Indoor Smart Training Essentials - The Best Accessories for Cycling Indoors


Got yourself a smart trainer recently? Here are the things that will help you enjoy indoor training.

Ok, so you’ve made the decision to invest in a smart trainer. That’s great, they can help you to get a workout in at home when you haven’t got much time on your hands.

But we think that there are some things that are essential for indoor training.

A ‘bangin’ playlist - FREE

The content of this will be a personal choice. Some would go for Trance Anthems ’94, others for Taylor Swift (this is the correct choice).

Whatever you pick, crank up the volume and let the tunes carry you through your session.

5% off Zwift 3 Month Membership - £37

Zwift-3-Month-Membership-Internal-MultiColour-ZWIFT3M-2 222.jpg

Zwift makes training indoors fun. You can chase KoMs, earn upgrades, ride in different worlds, ride with mates, race and so much more.

33% off LifeLine ANT+ USB Stick - £19.99


An ANT+ connection is less temperamental than Bluetooth. 

There’s nothing fancy about this little dongle. It just does the job.

23% off LifeLine Sweat Net - £9.99


You will be getting very sweaty. Protect your toptube, stem and headset from the corrosive salts.

A very big fan - £59.99

Big Gym fan.jpg

We wouldn’t compromise on this one. Not only will a cooling flow of air keep you from getting too sweaty, it’ll stop you from overheating which can cause your power to drop massively.

Chamois Cream


There are loads to pick from, with men’s and women’s specific creams. Just trust us when we say that you’ll be thankful of this cheap addition when you start riding indoors for more than an hour.

Nike Headband - £5.99

headband nike.jpg

Throw it back to the 80’s with a bright colour if you like but a sweatband is great for indoor riding.

Wearing one around your head will stop the sweat stream from getting into your eyes. 

33% off Tacx Trainer Mat - £40

tacx trainer mat.jpg

You can get away with using a cheap yoga mat, but if you really want to quieten the trainer, a proper mat is needed.

16% off Shimano 105 11-Speed Cassette


You could use the cassette from your rear wheel, but if you want to leave the trainer set up, then having a cassette already installed is best.

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