Great Deals on Lezyne Zecto Drive Max 250 Rear Light - Cheap and Super Bright


Using a rear light is getting ever more important. 

Even during the day, we're using one just as a precaution as the visibility can be pretty poor in this cloudy weather.

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Lezyne's Zecto Drive Max 250 is a rear light that kicks out 250 lumens in its DayFlash mode.

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It will run in this mode for 9 hours, so we find it perfect for a week of riding that includes both commuting and general riding.

Review: Lezyne Zecto Drive Max

The light is operated via a single button. It's easy to operate in thick gloves and the memory feature lets you leave it on your preferred setting.

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Like all Lezyne lights, it's very easy to attach to the bike and you can also hook this onto a rucksack.

The matching front light is also heavily discounted!


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