Free Chainrings when you buy a Rotor Power Meter


Offer includes the InSpider, InPower, and the 2InPower

Rotor makes some of the best power meters available, with great accuracy making them very reliable.

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Free Chainrings when you Buy a Rotor Powermeter
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Not too long ago, power meters were reserved for professional riders or those with very deep pockets. But the last few years have seen the price of these excellent training tools coming down rapidly, and you can now get a power meter at a great price.

Price isn't everything though and as riders that want to use a power meter throughout the year, weatherproofing and reliability are a huge consideration. We've had a few bad experiences of water ingress with other brands so, for us, a power meter has to be able to survive UK winters without issue.

Thankfully, Rotor's power meters are really good when it comes to keeping water away from the delicate electronics. They make their power meters with the strain gauges in the axels, crank arms or a separate spider, depending on the model that you choose.

How to choose a cycling power meter — a buyer's guide to your power training options

The benefit of housing the strain gauges away in the axle is that they're very well protected from that destructive water ingress. But weatherproofing is just one aspect of performance. You've also got the choice of having either left-only or dual-sided power measurement.

For many riders, ourselves included, the left-only option will be perfectly fine. This takes the power from your left leg and simply doubles the figure to give you a power value. While this method might not be perfectly accurate, it will be within an acceptable range and as the data is consistent, you can rely on the numbers, tracking training easily.

If you know that you've got an imbalanced pedalling style then dual-sided data can help you to address the imbalance and give you an accurate picture of which leg is stronger.

Rotor has a choice of chainrings, with both direct mount and spider mount options, depending on which crankset and power meter you opt for. Within these options, you also have the choice of 1X or 2X setups, making these power meters perfect for use on and off-road.

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Rotor also has the choice of round rings, or the Q-rings, an oval shape that is designed to eliminate the dead spot at the bottom of the pedal stroke. It's a huge range of options, and you can see everything here.

This offer includes all ROTOR chainrings when you buy any ROTOR DIN road or MTB power meter: 2INpower Road, 2INpower MTB, 2INpower Track, INspider or INpower Road, INpower MTB.

Offer applies to 1x or 2x chainrings and is applicable within the same transaction and cannot be used on previous purchases. No modifications on online orders will be allowed on previous undelivered orders.

All purchases can be made in a store or selected online shops. This offer ends on Jan 31st 2020

Free Chainrings when you Buy a Rotor Powermeter
Commerce content is independent of editorial, and Farrelly Atkinson earns commission from promoted products

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From our original Q rings to our unprecedented dual-sided power meter, 2INpower, we apply technology to help you become a stronger, faster, and more-efficient cyclist

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