eBay Cycling Deals - Power Meters from Stages, Garmin, Rotor & More


Training with power data is the most accurate way to measure your effort.

Power, unlike heart rate and perceived effort, is absolute and therefore isn't affected by temperature, altitude or your health.

But measuring power can require an expensive component, that's why we've been on eBay, scouring the used listings for the best deals on used units.

Stages G3 Ultegra R8000 LR Dual Sided 50/34 172.5

Satges LR R8000.jpg

This could be an absolute steal if the bids remain low.

The G3 is Stages' latest offering with a strengthened signal and even better weather protection.

This dual-sided version is perfect for those with a pedalling imbalance as you'll get the data that you need to work on your pedal stroke.

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Stages G3 Carbon Sram BB30 172.5 

Stages BB30.jpg

We've not seen too many of these going second-hand so snap this up while you can!

Stages have designed this power meter to integrate into an existing Sram crankset easily.

All you do is pop the old crank off and pop this one on! Like the 2 Stages options above, this is running the latest hardware, so you should have zero issues out on the road.

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Rotor 2Inpower 172.5 110BCD

2 In Power.jpg

A very popular crank-based system that offers dual-sided data.

You'll need to add your own chainrings, but you do get 2 bottom brackets included.

The crankset turns on a 30mm axle, making it perfect for a wide range of bikes.

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Garmin Vector 3 Double-Sided Power Pedals​

Vector 3.jpg

These warranty replacements feature the updated battery pod, which seems to have sorted the issues with water ingress.

A pedal-based system like this is the easiest to switch between bikes, making it perfect for riders that want to train and race with power on separate bikes.

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Cannondale Hollowgram 172.5mm 52/36

Cannondale Hollowgram PM.jpg

Cannondale riders can get a matching power meter for their SuperSix, SystemSix or Synapse.

The system is based on a Power2Max NG, providing dual-sided data for individual leg measurements.

This is a new, unused take-off so, at this price, it's an absolute steal!

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