eBay Carbon Wheelset Bargains from Roval, Zipp, Fulcrum & More


A set of carbon wheels is an easy way to go faster.

But free speed isn't the only benefit to carbon hoops.

It's easier to make a carbon rim wide, making it more aerodynamic for little weight gain. Carbon is also much stiffer than aluminium and these factors combine to make deep carbon wheels perfect for fast rides and racing.

Fulcrum Racing Quattro

Fulcrum Quattro.jpg

Fulcrum's Racing Quattro features a full carbon 40mm deep rim laced to very smooth hubs.

They're a great set of hoops that spin up quickly and hold their speed well. This makes them perfect for all-round riding.

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American Classic Carbon 40 Clincher Disc

Am Class car 40.jpg

When it was announced that American Classic would be closing their doors, we were really sad.

But that does mean that you can grab a set of their hoops at a very low price as we can see with this set of 40mm clincher disc wheels.

It's hard to see the wheels as the seller has kept them boxed up but these brand new wheels spin on center-lock hubs.

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Roval CLX40 Carbon Clincher

Roval CLX40.jpg

Hiding away inside the CLX40 hubs are some very fancy Ceramic Speed bearings that offer beautifully smooth rolling.

Again, you get a 40mm deep clincher rim that makes these wheels great on mixed terrain.

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Cannondale Hollowgram SI Carbon Clincher

Cannondale Hollogram Si Wheels.jpg

Cannondale's Hollowgram Si carbon wheels come on their top-end road bikes.

These are take-offs so are in brand new condition. It looks like these are being sold by the bike shop that runs the Saint Piran Cycling Team.

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Zipp 404 NSW Carbon Clincher 

Zipp 404.jpg

We love a good set of Zipp wheels and the 404 NSW is one of our favourites.

Pop these onto your best bike and head for flat and rolling terrain to get the best out of the 60mm deep rims.

This set features a Campagnolo freehub body, but Shimano replacements are easy to find if you need one.

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