eBay Bargains - Power Meters from Stages, Quarq, Power2Max, 4iiii and more


Grab a power meter at a great price.

If you're looking to upgrade how you train then a power meter is what you need.

Stages G3 Ultegra R8000 172.5mm - Brand New - £439

Stages G3.jpg

This is the latest generation of power meters from Stages and it's brand new too!

This isn't the biggest discount, but it's still cheaper than we can find it from the main cycling retailers.

As a left crank unit, it'll slide into your current Shimano groupset easily.

Buy Now at £439

Quarq DZero on S-Works Cranks 172.5mm - £700

Quarq DZero S-Works.jpg

This is a very lightweight setup based around the carbon S-Works crankset.

The spider-based Quarq DZero power meter offers reliable data and very good weatherproofing, allowing you to ride this through rainy conditions without worry.

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Quarq DFour with Dura-Ace Chainrings 165mm - £450

Quarq DFour DA.jpg

Quarq's DFour units allow you to use Shimano 4-arm chainrings and this one gets Dura-Ace 9000 rings.

This one uses 165mm cranks that are perfect for decreasing hip angle for more comfort in aero positions.

Buy Now at £450

Stages G3 Ultegra R8000 Right 172.5mm - £320

Stages G3 Ultegra R8000 RH.jpg

This right-hand side power meter comes with chainrings included.

The only thing that you need to add is a left crank. This means that you can choose to run dual-sided power data or just take power readings from the right side.

Buy Now at £320

4iiii Precision 105 5800 172.5mm - £210

4iiii Precision 105 5800.jpg

We've been running a 4iiii Precision unit for years now and it hasn't missed a beat.

We swap ours between the road race bike, winter hack and the cyclocross bike, so it's seen a lot of use!

Buy Now at £210

Power2Max with Rotor 3D Cranks and Chainrings - £350

P2M on Rotor 3D.jpg

This reliable Power2Max power meter spider is mounted onto a lightweight set of Rotor 3D cranks.

You also get the Rotor Q rings which are slightly elliptical and customisable for differences in pedalling styles and cycling disciplines.

Buy Now at £350

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