eBay Bargains - Carbon Upgrades from Enve, Dede, Zipp, Fizik and More


One of the best things about cycling is gradually upgrading your bike.

Away from the big purchases of groupsets and wheels, there are plenty of bits that could be lighter, stiffer or even just more comfortable.

Bars, stems, seatposts and saddles are some of the easiest components to replace as they don't require many tools or complicated fitting procedures.

So we've picked out some great parts from eBay. 

Zipp SL Speed Carbon Stem 110mm 6deg

Zipp SL Speed.jpg

Not only is this stem very stiff and super stealthy, but the exposed carbon is also completely unique.

If you want to lighten the front end or improve steering directness then this is a great option.

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ENVE Carbon Stem 110mm 6deg

Enve Carbon Stem.jpg

Another great option is this carbon stem from ENVE.

The carbon specialists have included titanium hardware on this stem to make it as light a possible.

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Deda Superleggera Carbon Seatpost 27.2

Deda Superleggera.jpg

While a carbon seatpost might not strip a load of weight off of your bike you can easily add loads of comfort.

This Deda post kills a load of road buzz and stops it from reaching the saddle. The end result is that the rider is less fatigued at the end of a ride.

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Shimano Pro Vibe Carbon Bars 420mm

Pro Vibe Carbon.jpg

Like a seatpost, this isn't an upgrade that will strip loads of weight. This one is all about front end stiffness.

These Pro Vibe bars are a common sight in the pro peloton as they offer a solid base for out of the saddle efforts, be that uphill or in a sprint finish.

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Fizik R1 Antares Saddle Braided L

Fizik Antares R1.jpg

Saddles are another component that has benefited from carbon fibre. The bases can be made stiffer while the rails soak up more road buzz.

There are also decent weight savings to be made here and this Antares R1 comes in at just 160g!

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