Commuter Essentials - USB Rechargeable Front Lights


It doesn't need to be dark for a front light to be useful!

While we usually buy our lights with dark winter commutes in mind, they usually stay on the bike through the summer to help with visibility in changing light.

The type of light that you buy will influence what you can do and how much you can see. The general rule is the more expensive the light, the brighter it will be. But as we don't always use the brightest setting, we find that a more powerful light will often run for longer on it's lower setting of 300 lumens than a cheaper light on its max setting of 300 lumens.

We've broken the lights into two types, USB Rechargeable and External Battery Pack. There are so many deals out there that we'll start by looking at the USB Rechargeable type!

USB Rechargeable

These types of light are perfect for quickly popping a light on your bike. They usually come with a charging cable that we leave at work although some have the USB male end attached.

The compact design and built-in battery usually mean that they're smaller and lighter, but pack less of a punch compared to the external battery pack types.

Lezyne Femto Drive Front LED Light


A simple little blinker light for about town. This runs on coin cell batteries but they last for ages.

Pop one of these on the town bike for a little extra visibility.

Knog Blinder Arc 220 Front Light


This commuter light has the size of a blinker and attaches easily.

Should you need a little more power on an unlit section, you get 220 lumens. Not enough for pitch black, but good enough for more city areas.

Moon Meteor Storm Lite Front Light


We've been using Moon's Meteor X Auto Pro for well over a year now and it's brilliant.

This, its bigger brother is more powerful at 1100 lumens and lasts a little longer too. 

LifeLine Pavo 2000L Front Light


Boasting a whopping 2000 lumens, this light looks like a brilliant deal.

The best thing about the high power is that you could easily use this for evening and night-time off-road riding too.

Hope R2i LED Vision Front Light


This Hope R2i light has an integrated 2 cell battery. That gives the beam loads of power making it comparable to the external battery pack lights.

For the money, we'd be happy to buy this with confidence in Hope's famous reliability.

Exposure Race Mk13 Front Light


The height of rechargeable lights come from Exposure. 

Firstly the light produces 1900 lumens and boasts the longest run time of 36 hours. But these also last really well too!

Cycliq Fly12


One of the best options for commuters is to combine your front light with the safety of a camera.

We love the Fly12 for its quality video in poor light.

Exposure Diablo MK10


Need a lightweight light that kicks out 1500 lumens with the ability to mount it to your helmet?

Exposure's MK10 Diablo is really powerful for its compact size and we find it makes the perfect support light for serious commuters.

Exposure Toro MK10


Riding on unlit countryside roads requires the most powerful lights.

The Toro gives you 2000 lumens in a well-concentrated beam shape. This also allows you to head off-road to mix up your commute!

Knog Blinder


Knog's Blinder is a great little blinker that looks really good on a city bike.

Need more power? An external battery pack light is what you need!

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