Black Friday Cycling Deals - 47% off Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer


A simple and cheap smart trainer to see you through the winter.

If you’re not a fan of riding through the worst weather then an affordable smart trainer is a great investment.

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Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer
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Aside from the issues with the bleak UK winter weather, most of us simply don't get the time to do the training that the pros do, and even if we did, our bodies aren't capable of handling that training load.

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What most of us can do though, is to fit smaller, more intense sessions in through the week. - Three Zwift Setups to Suit Any Budget

This is a great way of preparing for specific demands of events and races while also leaving the weekend free for sociable club runs and rides with friends.

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You don't need a ridiculously expensive setup either. This Tacx Vortex Smart isn't great for massive sprint efforts, but it'll handle VO2 Max efforts easily and they can hurt a lot!

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The trainer is ANT+FE C controlled, allowing you to run training sessions from the likes of Trainer Road and Training Peaks in ERG mode. This automatically adjusts the resistance to keep you at a certain power which makes doing specific interval work that bit easier.

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The maximum slope replication of 7% might seem low, but seeing as Zwift rarely goes over 10%, this isn’t a huge issue, especially if you’re only going to be using the trainer when the weather is awful, or the light has gone.

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer
Commerce content is independent of editorial, and Farrelly Atkinson earns commission from promoted products

About Tacx

Since the beginning, we have been highly involved in cycling, which has always guided us in our decisions and brought us to where we are today. When riders required high-quality bike parts, we made this happen by producing them ourselves. When riders required a way to warm-up before a race, we started making rollers. When riders needed to train effectively during winter, we started making indoor bike trainers. And when more efficiency was required in their training, we made them interactive.

We have a history of inventing the future. We take up the greatest challenges and keep pushing limits of what is technically possible to create ground-breaking products with state-of-the-art designs. We were the first to connect computer electronics to bike trainers, in the year 2000, and introduce an entirely new way of training. In 2015 we develop the NEO Smart; the most accurate, realistic, powerful and silent trainer to date, thanks to a unique piece of trainer technology. Parallel to the development of the NEO we develop the Magnum: the first treadmill you can cycle on, enabling you to ride completely free and experience actual inclines indoors.

About ChainReactionCycles

The CRC journey began in 1984 as a small family business in Northern Ireland, serving and supporting local cyclists. It’s been an incredible ride so far, with the company growing to a collective of over 450 cyclists, swimmers, runners and passionate professionals supporting a global community of cycle and multisport athletes.

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