The Best Tyres for Winter Miles


Our roundup of the best winter rubber.

Going out in the winter is hard enough with the extra clothing you have to wear. The last thing you want when you finally get out is a puncture or a lack of grip on cold, wet roads.

So, here's our list of the best tyres to tackle those tough winter miles.


GP 4 Season

A great mix of puncture protection and wet weather grip. This is probably Continental's best tyre for the winter.

The casing is supple enough to give good comfort over rougher surfaces.


If puncture protection is what you need then these are probably the best.

We've seen 2 winters on these with zero punctures but the hard compound doesn't give the best wet weather grip.

GP4000S II

If you ride on good roads in the winter then you might be able to get away with these fast tyres.

The soft rubber compound won't last that well though.


Corsa G Tubeless

As Vittoria don't yet make their Control tyre in tubeless form, we've included these rapid tyres.

The grip in the wet isn't the best but the tubeless factor allows you to run lower pressure, offsetting that slightly. 

Corsa Control

Much better suited to the rain are these Corsa Controls. You get a beautiful 320tpi casing that makes these the best tyres here for rough roads.

If you need a bit more mileage for your money, the Rubino Pro Control would be our choice.


You can still get your hands on these tyres that were, as the name suggests, designed for the cobbles.

We love the feel of these tyres, but the puncture protection isn't as high as Continentals.


Pro One TL Easy

Another summer tyre that we'd happily run in the winter.

That's thanks to the TL Easy system that makes setting these up tubeless, well, easy! The MicroSkin casing isn't the best for punctures, but you get a lovely ride over rough roads.

Durano RaceGuard

A harder casing and compound than the Pro One provides better puncture protection.

At these prices, they're also one of the more affordable sets in this list.


Paris-Roubaix Open Tubular

As the name suggests, this super supple tyre was designed for rough roads.

The grip in the wet is pretty good and with latex tubes, we'd happily run these at tubeless pressures for more grip.

Strada Bianca Open Tubular

With the same tread pattern as the Paris Roubaix, you'd be forgiven for think this is just the same tyre.

Challenge have given this a more robust compound, improving puncture protection, but decreasing grip slightly.


R3 Hard-Case Lite TLR

One of the best all-round options in this list.

You get a fast tyre with good puncture protection, great wet weather grip, it's tubeless ready and it'll last well.


Roubaix Pro 2Bliss Ready

Another cracking tubeless ready road tyre.

The Gripton compound should keep you upright and there is good flat protection from Specialized's Black Belt. 


Fusion 5 ElevenStorm Tubeless

Of Hutchinson's Fusion 5 range, we think that these are the best for rubbish roads.

They're still a fast tyre, but the tubeless feature and the Kevlar casing should see you through many miles with no letdowns.


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