29% off Stages G3 Ultegra R8000 Power Meter


The Stages third-generation power meters from are reliable, lightweight, easy to fit and accurate.

For most of us, the reliability and consistency of data is the most important factor when it comes to picking a power meter.

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It matters little that a power meter is 1% more accurate than a rival if it cannot be relied upon over a long period of time.

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When Stages launched their Gen 2 power meters, they had done a lot to solve the issues of water ingress that plagued the first-generation devices.

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With this, the 3rd gen units have increased the signal strength to secure, in particular, the ANT+ connection to head units.

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These changes mean that the Stages Gen 3 is now one of the best power meters available.

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Stages G3 R8000 L
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About Stages

Every Stages power meter is individually calibrated. Units are first tested with a Bluetooth app with no weight applied and then again with a 90kg weight. A static test for accuracy is also performed. Data is recorded for each unit produced, allowing Stages engineers to track units back to production and compare values if a unit malfunctions in the field.

In addition to power meter assembly, the Stages Cycling Boulder facility also houses a full R&D lab, machine shop and long-term testing equipment.

The last link in the chain is Customer Service. Stages Cycling employs a large staff of customer service representatives in Boulder Colorado, Portland, Oregon and at Stages distributors all over the world to assist riders with setup, operation and any warranty issues to ensure every Stages customer has a good experience with the product.

About Tredz

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