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These wheels have been a staple of Fulcrum's range for years. 

Fulcrum Racing Zero Clincher Wheelset
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The general trend in wheel and tyre choice amongst road riders these days is to go for something a bit wider and this is something that Fulcrum has spotted and reacted to with the C17 version of their Racing Zero. We'd advise going for the 25mm or 28mm option as the comfort gains are brilliant with no speed sacrifice. 

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Ok, they might not look fast as carbon hoops, but these wheels are rapid and provide a brilliant ride feel. Many riders still prefer shallow aluminium wheels over deeper carbon options, and there are two very good reasons for that. Firstly, the braking on aluminium rims is still slightly better than on carbon wheels. That gives many riders more confidence and the ability to corner faster.

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Secondly, a shallow section rim will be more stable in strong winds than a deep carbon rim. Whilst you might lose a few watts to the more aero deep carbon wheels, getting blown around in the wind is no fun and we'd always pick a shallow wheel for general riding.

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The aluminium rim isn't just a box section shape. The front wheel is 27mm deep, with the rear sitting at 30mm deep. That gives you a little aero help while keeping the weight down for the climbs.

Fulcrum Racing Zero Clincher Wheelset
Commerce content is independent of editorial, and Farrelly Atkinson earns commission from promoted products

Those carbon shell hubs feature Fulcrum's CULT ceramic bearings for the smoothest rolling.

About Fulcrum

Since 2004, Fulcrum® has developed wheels for bikes with a sole, constant objective in mind: to deliver the best performance that modern technology can offer.

A large part of this task is the responsibility of the R&D division engineering team in Italy. However, if you want to create ever faster wheels, you cannot focus solely on test bench results, you also need to gain feedback from top riders and cycling fans worldwide.

And this is what we do: we race our bikes during lunch breaks or after work, we test our wheels by pushing them to the max, fitting them to the bikes of world champions, listening to suggestions and comments from the world of racing and from our clients.

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