Week Roundup: SKS Raceblades, Castelli & Schwalbe


It's been a great week of deals if you're a commuter. And remember that today if your final chance to get a Castelli Perfetto at an unbelievable £99!

Save 28% on these SKS Raceblade Pro Mudguards

SKS Raceblade Pro
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It's stopped snowing, yay! And resumed raining, booooo!

We're back on the hunt for mudguards  as the dry weather has gone and we can't see it returning until summer.

These SKS mudguards are possibly the best out there. They'll fit any bike, with no need for specific eyelets and they detach quickly when the sun returns.

Mike Stead took a good long look at these back in 2016 and he was suitably impressed. 


Oxford Aquaviz 20L Commuter Backpack down 19%

Oxford Aquaviz Commuter Backpack
Commerce content is independent of editorial, and Farrelly Atkinson earns commission from promoted products

Any commuter can benefit from a good quality, purpose build backpack.

Normal rucksacks just don't cut it on the bike.

We used to ride with a 'normal' pack and found the top of the pack hitting our helmet. The strap design was too bulky for a riding position and there was nowhere near enough back support.

This dedicated commuter pack features excellent waterproofing, and, more importantly, first class visibility.

Lowest Ever Price on the Castelli Perfetto - £99

Castelli Perfetto Long Sleeve Jersey



We're big fans of the Castelli Perfetto here at Deal Clincher HQ. It's a brilliant option for changeable weather and we're always on the hunt for a cheaper price.

Merlin Cycles have these in 8 colours and a full range of sizes in most of those colours. We'd never seen the 'Giro Pink' colour scheme before and we think it looks brilliant.

The Perfetto is the follow-on from the Gabba. Castelli gave it the same close fit for fast riding and racing and also kept the excellent windproofing that makes these jerseys so warm.

If you pair this with a baselayer like the Craft Active Extreme 2.0 long sleeve base layer, you're going to be sung as a bug while also staying dry and comfortable.


Fed up of waiting for the sun to come to you? Check this out.

Save a whopping 37% on this ProBikeKit Bike Box - £299.99

ProBikeKit Bike Box



A massive £175 price drop makes this a great deal.

With lockable latches and all the fittings need for precise packing, this is a great option for delicate bikes.

As we might have casually mentioned, Deal Clincher is jetting off for some warm weather riding. Sorry, not sorry.

Packing up a bike box will highlight any flaws and ours have no dedicated places for different bits. This PBK case has all the clever spots for securely holding everything in place.

There's also an extra £25 off with the code TRAN10.

A buyers guide to bike boxes


There's some great deals on Schwalbe tyres too.

Schwalbe Pro One Tubleless Tyres down by 42% - £38.19

Schwalbe Pro One TL-Easy Tubeless Tyre



A fast ride with fewer punctures. What's not to love?

With more rim and tyre options available for road riding, tubeless is slowly becoming accepted by roadies. You've got to give us time though, we hate technology advances!

These tyres are fast becoming a contender for the best road tyres on the market. Not only have they been ridden by the Aqua Blue Professional Team, road.cc also love them.

For sealing the tyres, we've had great results with Caffelatex sealant and their own valves.

Tubeless Tyres Buygers Guide


Save 52% on Schwalbe Marathon City Tyres - £19.99

Schwalbe Marathon Plus 



A super tough tyres designed for the inner city and touring alike.

This robust tyre with it's increased puncture protection is ideal for high mileage on rough roads.

Anyone riding in a city will know how poor the roads can be. Even if the tarmac isn't broken, there's glass and grit everywhere, creating a potential tyre graveyard.


And finally, we think these are super useful.

Power Pack RAVPower battery Pack - Perfect for Di2 - £34.99

Power Pack RAVPower Battery Pack



Ideal for everyday and even better for Di2.

As much as we want our bikes to sleep inside, they're usually not allowed. Ours have to live in the shed, where there's no power.

So how do we charge our electronic gears? We've had to utilise our external battery packs. This Power Pack RAVPower bank has 3 USB ports for additional chanrging of tablets and phones. 

The RAVPower has enough juice for 9 days of phone recharging so you can also use this for normal people activities.

We've also seen pro team mechanics using these when the bikes need charging but there's not room in the truck.


If you missed last week's deals, they can be found here, in one handy place!

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