SwissStop Flash Pro Down by 26%


For carbon wheels, you just can't buy better pads than these SwissStop Fralsh Pro pads.

SwissStop are almost iconic now for having yellow-coloured pads for your best carbon wheels.

You'd be forgiven for assuming all brake pads were pretty much the same. But put pads designed for aluminium rims on your carbon wheels and the rim surface will be eaten alive.

Carbon specific pads are much softer, which actually results in a lot of power. That's the case with these Flash Pro pads. They look after your expensive rims and give you all the power you need.

This deal is for the pads only, which you can then slide into your Shimano or Sram brake shoes. This is also for 1 pair, so you'll need 2 sets to replace all your pads.

We've been using these pads on our race bike for a fair few seasons now and we find them to last for ages with great performance.

SwissStop Flash Pro Bake Pads
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