Save 28% on this Garmin Vioactive HR GPS Watch


Do more than just cycle? Then this watch is ideal.

While some cyclists only cycle, most will dabble with a little running, going to the gym and doing long walks. For these people, a cycling computer won't be that useful, but a HR GPS watch will be.

This Garmin Vioactive is a touchscreen sports watch that measures heart rate and has built in GPS. That's great if you're active all day doing different things. It can also make losing weight easier as you're able to accurately track calories burnt.

The watch is also pairable with your phone, so calls and texts can be pushed through to the watch which is very handy when riding to work.

At £170.89, this does what many more expensive cycling computers do, but in a more all day useable form.

Garmin Vioactive HR GPS Watch
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