Pick up a Garmin Edge 100 for 44% off


When a new product is released, people quickly forget just how good its predecessor was. Prime example is the Garmin Edge 1000. Recently replaced by the 1030, this GPS is still a brilliant unit, and at 44% off, it's even more attractive.

A list of what you can't do with the Edge 1000 is easily the shorter list. Not only will this record your ride with excellent precision, you can connect via ANT+ to heart rate monitors and power meters.

The Edge 1000 features a 3-inch high-resolution colour touchscreen display which helps massively when navigating with the included mapping. 

All the data screens are customisable, so that you can have just what you feel is relevant to your riding.

You can also pair the Edge 1000 with a smarthphone to recieve notifications of incoming texts and calls. The Garmin Connect app will also instantly upload your ride when you finish. You can connect this up to Strava and Training Peaks for effortless data collection.

Over at road.cc, when the Edge lauched in 2014, Dave Atkinson called it "the best dedicated GPS unit yet"

If you've been after a new head unit, at 44% off, this should be top of your wish list!

Garmin Edge 1000
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