Mid-Week Roundup: Canyon Takeover, Muc-Off, Ultegra & Lezyne


It's really only Wednesday? The week has started well here at Deal Clincher.

Canyon are here for a Deal Clincher take over and it's arguably the best one yet!

We've also got loads of other great stuff to check it out.

£200 off the Canyon Inflite CF SLX 9.0
Now £2,699


This bike was part of a surprise move in the cyclocross world. CX superstar Mathieu van der Poel made the switch over to this new, and quite radical frame at the turn of the year.

He duly won his first race on it, silencing many sniggers and proving, along with Pauline Ferrand Prevot's wins, that Canyon have a seriously good CX bike.

This one comes with a mechanical Ultegra groupset, tubeless DT Swiss wheels and Canyon's awesome integrated cockpit. When you consider the spec level, it's a great bike for the price.


£200 off the Canyon Inflite AL 9.0 S
Now £1,449

inflite-al-9-s_c1108 (2).jpg

The aluminium version of the Inflite is the original frame design that was immensely popular.

The frame's endless set-up possibilities make this a brilliant bike for multiple disciplines.

In this set up, mudguards and wide road tyres make this a great mile-crushing bike, but we've also seen them built up as hardcore CX race bikes and also winter bikes.


Up to £2,340 off various Canyon Aeroad SLX

canyon bike.jpg

​There's a total of 94 bikes on sale here! That includes disc brake bikes, electronic shifting from both Sram and Shimano and also carbon wheels.

The Canyon Aeroad SLX frame is the common link in all this and even then, there are women's and men's versions to choose between.

The one pictured is a size Large with Dura Ace Di2 and Zipp 404 wheels. It's a used bike, but it's a great chance to pick up a bargain.


£109 off this Garmin Edge 520 Bundle
Now £244.95

Edge 520 bundle.jpg

The Garmin Edge 520 is a great little unit. This bundle includes Garmin's comfortable heartrate strap and their speed/cadence sensors.

When paired with a power meter, the unit tracks changes in FTP, making following your progression a breeze.

The best feature for us is the phone connectivity. When we get home and save a ride, it automatically uploads to Gamin Connect, Strava and Training peaks. 


£272 off this Zipp 303 Firecrest Front Wheel
Now £635.95

zipp 303 vr white.jpg

Zipp's 303 wheels are probably the most useable in their range. Being slightly shorter than the 404, they're easier to handle in crosswinds, lighter when climbing yet they still offer an aero advantage over a regular wheel.

The 45mm rim depth is just about right for most riding with the 725g weight not holding you back on the hills. The wheel features 18 radially laced spokes and a wide brake track to suit the trend toward wider tyres.


£327 off this Zipp 303 Firecrest Rear Wheel
Now £762.95

zipp 303 hr white.jpg

The matching rear wheel makes a very nice set at £1,398.90 and 1,625g. 

This rear gets the same 45mm rim profile, but has 24 spokes in a 2x pattern to compensate for the higher forces from the drivetrain.

These wheels are instantly recognisable from the dimpled surface, so people will fear you (probably) when you rock up on these.


28% off the Morgan Blue Cleaning Kit
Now £22.95

morgan blue.jpg

Got yourself a new bike? You lucky thing!

We hate to break it to you, but it won't stay shiny for long, you'll have to wash it. Thankfully, this cleaning kit from Morgan Blue includes everything you need to get your bike factory fresh.

Our favourite bit is the cleaning mitt. It's great for cleaning chains and we do love a clean chain. The whole set is contained in a very handy bucket.


20 Mixed Flavour High5 Energy Gels for £9.95


These High5 gels have been part of our race day routine for a while now. 

The gels are easy to consume, even when riding at high intensity thanks to their consistency. You don't need to take a drink with these gels, and the taste is quite pleasant, so they're really quick to get down.

This variety pack comes with 7 flavours to keep things interesting mid-race.


Rock N Roll Lubes

Rock N Roll Absolute Dry Chain Lube - £5.39

Rock N Roll Absolute Dry



We’ll kick off with their driest lube. This stuff is designed for summer riding and is their cleanest running chain lube.

We're big fans of this stuff for cyclocross as our drivetrains seem to stay free of gunk.


Rock N Roll Gold Lube - £6.59

Rock N Roll Gold Lube



The Gold lube is aimed more towards changing weather, or the British summer.

This partially wet lube is designed to form a membrane on the chain, keeping out dirt to leave the chain clean.


Rock N Roll Extreme Lube - £5.39

Rock N Roll Extreme Lube



This one is for the winter. It's thicker, with a waxy finish to really see off constant rain.

Rock 'n' Roll recommend this stuff for Cyclocross use and while we haven't tried it, if it's as good at staying clean as their other lubes, we bet it'd be perfect.


Rock N Roll Cable Magic - £4.29

Rock N Roll Cable Magic



It'd be wrong to forget your cables!

If you suffer from heavy shifting soon after a gear adjustment you'd do well to bung some of this stuff into your cable housing.

We use this stuff on a range of bikes but you've got to make sure that your cables aren't coated like Shimano's really expensive ones.


Ultegra Di2 for under a grand

Shimano Ultegra 6870 Di2 Groupset
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Go electronic at a crazy low price.

Shimano's older 11 speed Ultegra Di2 is heavily discounted but still gives amazing performance.

While the newer Ultegra R8050 might be marginally lighter with a couple of minor technical changes, but the perfect shifting of Di2 can't change massively.

This groupset is very extensive and includes all the extra things you need for an electronic groupset.

The included charger, for example is essential for an electronic groupset and would usually set you back £70.


Get This 1L Bottle of Muc-Off at 50% Off

Muc-Off Nano Tech Cleaner 1L
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Cleaning your bike should be a regular task, but it needn't be an expensive one.

Muc-Off have become know for makinging this bright pink liquid that cleans bikes effortlessly.

During winter, our bikes get covered in who knows what. The weather outside has been awful and all you want to do is go inside for a warm shower and a recover ale.

Cleaning your bike can, occasionally, be quietly forgotten. The thought of spending 20 minutes cleaning a filthy bike in the rain is too much to take.


Lezyne V-10 Multi Tool - 17% off

Lezyne V-10 Multi Tool
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Everything we'd need for roadside repairs.

If you've been stranded with your chain in several pieces, you'll never leave home without a chain tool again.

Luckily, when this happened to us, there we a few strong roulers for pushing duties, a lightweight climber to be pushed, and a cafe only a couple of flat kms away.

This Lezyne V-10 would have allowed us to continue on our ride without too much trouble. 

There's loads more deals to be found here!

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