FSA Powerbox Power Meter Alloy - £472.99


Power meters are coming down in price and owning one doesn't have to be just for the racers.

Not too long ago, this price would fetch you only a single sided power meter but now you can get this excellent FSA Powerbox which measure both legs' contribution.

The Powerbox borrows the power internals from Power2Max, a German company that makes super reliable power meters. FSA supply their own cranks, in this case, an aliuminium version and also their own rings.

There is also a carbon version available, it's lighter, but more expensive at £975.98.

What this provides is a super reliable piece of kit that measures power independently from each leg. The advantage of this is that you can analyse any imbalance in your legs and then adjust your pedaling. This should help to prevent injury while also making you stronger!

The Powerbox was tested by Dave Arthur for road.cc. He found it to be an accurate and reliable power meter at a very competitive price. We have also used the Power2Max Type S that this is based on. We've found it excellent, using it in CX, winter and summer without any problems.

At 21% off, power just became even more accessible.

FSA Power Box Alloy
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