Dependable Shimano training wheels down to £79.39


No matter what the price, there's always something exciting about a new set of hoops. This Black Friday deal on Shimano's excellent RS010 wheels is a great purchase for the winter bike.

Shimano have always stuck to loose ball bearings. Its easy to see why, with maintenance being a breeze for a competent mechanic.

The rims feature an asymmetric design for better spoke tension on the non drive side.

The spokes are laced radially on the front and 2 cross on the rear with 20 and 24 stainless steel spokes respectively.

The supplied rim tape is strong and the skewers have internal cams which last for years.

At, the testers see these wheels on a wide range of bikes, and even use them on their own winter bikes. Well... when they're not testing the latest superbike.

These are renowned training wheels so they won't be around long!

Shimano RS010 Wheels
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