Couples dhb Waterproof jackets? Cute...And 40% off!


So, you need to sneek that cycling purchase past your other half? Be bold! Buy them a matching one.

Whilst you might think that a new waterproof is an essential purchase (it is, we agree), your other half might not be so keen.

What do you do in this tricky situation? You take advantage of Wiggle's Black Friday deals on their house brand dhb's excellent Aeron Tempo Waterproof jackets and buy them one too.

The jackets are the same price for both the mens and womens version, with both being discounted in Wiggle's 2nd week of cycling deals. 

Down by 40% to £48, they're both rated to 20,000mm on the waterproofing index. They also boast a breatability of 15,000, meaning that you shouldn't get too sweaty when smashing it up a climb.

Partner fancies a new jacket and so do you? Look no further.

dhb Aeron Tempo Waterproof Jacket
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