Brand X Home Mechanic Prep Stand cleans up at 40% off


For the incredible price of £53.99 you too can channel your inner mechanic

Getting your bike up off the ground can revolutionise your maintenance routine. This awesome Black Friday deal makes it cheap to do so.

For £53, you might be expecting a flimsy, difficult to use stand that breaks after a few uses. Whilst the guys over at haven't reviewed this, here in the Deal Clincher office, we've got personal experience with the Prep stand. 

The aluminum frame is light, but the legs fold out in such a way that the base is very stable. The clamps also hold the stand in position, helpful when pedals don't want to budge.

The aluminum has also resisted a fair amount of washing. 

The stand comes with an included mat that we find particularly useful for protecting the carpet from wet commuter bikes.

They won't be around at this price for long, so snap them up fast!

Brand X Home Mechanic Prep Stand
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