The Biggest Deals - Continental, Met Fizik, DTSwiss & More


Sales at this time of year can suggest what bike brand is bringing out new stuff for 2019. Exciting times!

That's because quite a few manufacturers use the Tour de France as a launch pad for their new kit.

We've got 2 big sales this week, with Ale clothing and DT Swiss wheelsets both on offer. There are also loads of great deals from some big names.


Up to 51% off DTSwiss Wheelsets

DT Swiss Wheelset Sale
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DTSwiss wheels are known for their fantastic hubs and great rims.

There is a whole range of wheelsets, from basic training/commuter wheels through to carbon racing beauties.

To view the full sale, click here!

DTSwiss are one of the leading companies when it comes to the wheel department. Review: DT Swiss PRC 1400 Spline 65

Their hubs feature on a lot of top-end builds as they are light, reliable and easy to service. They also make their own spokes, meaning that their wheels are all made in-house.

Mixed in amongst the DTSwiss wheels are a number of Forza wheels. These are Ridley's own-brand wheels and are just one example of companies using the DTSwiss hubs.

Prices start at only £184.99 with savings ranging up to 51%!


25% off Ale 2018 Summer Clothing

Ale 2018 Summer Kit
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Wiggle has a great sale on right now on Ale 2018 kit.

The bright colours and bold designs are great for a modern style.

Ale came onto the market with some rather divisive designs. The colours are always bright and set against a dark backing with floral prints being heavily featured. Review: Ale PRR Ponente Jersey

One of the best features though is the excellent quality alongside a fit that delivers both performance and plenty of comfort.

There are 63 items of clothing in this sale, with both men's and women's kit on offer.

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Continental GP4000s II Pair with FREE Tubes

Continental GP4000S II Pair with FREE Tubes
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This great sale includes 25mm and 28mm options!

Our favourite tyre from Continental has just been put on sale, making them a cheap upgrade for the summer bike.

There is a reason that so many pro teams use Continental tyres for racing and training. The grip in poor weather is great, they roll well and they last a good number of miles.

Continental use their Black Chilli compound in the rubber which provides 30% more grip than their old compound. Buyer's Guide: Continental's 2018 Tyre Range

This grip is especially noticeable on wet roads and we've noticed the cornering ability in races.

The deal is for a pair of tyres with free inner tubes included. Merlin have given us a few options, depending on the depth of your rims.

Eight Great Upgrades for Under £100

The GP4000s II also provides pretty good puncture protection from its Vectran breaker layer.

This clincher tyre is perfect for your summer bike as they'll do faster rides but also soak up a load of training miles.

In fact, Merlin Cycles have a load of great tyre deals right now, check them out here!


Massive 37% off Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 Bag with FREE GIFT

Scicon AeroComfort Road 3.0
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Should you long for twisting climbs under lovely sunshine with quiet roads, then the UK probably isn't the place to be.

For flying, the Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 is excellent. This bag is used by many pro teams who fly all the time.

The inner structure is a metal frame that clamps the dropouts to hold the bike securely in place. Review: Scicon AeroComfort 2.0

The whole thing rolls on 4 wheels that make getting through the airport a breeze. 

When you get home, a bag like this is much easier to store than a box so this will be perfect for those of us with limited storage space. Buyer's Guide: 15 of the best bike boxes and bags

This deal also includes a free 25L Scicon backpack that will be perfect as a carry-on! That's not a bad free gift.


Met Manta Helmet down 38%

A £65 price drop makes this fantastic helmet a brilliant deal.

"Well ventilated, fast feeling, comfortable, lightweight aero lid". Not a bad helmet then!

When Stu Kerton tested this helmet back in 2016, we'd just seen it being worn by Mark Cavendish and Team Dimension Data.

The helmet is designed to be slippery and whilst neither we nor can vouch for the aero claims, Stu did find that it works very well in the real world.

You can even buy a Mark Cavendish special edition. It's the same helmet with a special paint scheme and the vowels removed.

Internally, the gel padding gives a really comfortable fit and doesn't soak up sweat like a foam pad. This prevents a flood of sweat streaming into the eyes when the pad is saturated.

Airflow is also good, with Stu finding this to work like any other vented helmet.


35% off these Fizik R5 Road Shoes

Fizik R5b Road Shoes
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If you want shoes with BoA dials and a stiff carbon sole, this is a great option.

Fizik shoes are made really well and this R5 gets a load of trickle-down tech from the more expensive models.

The R5 is the base model of Fizik's R range. It's hardly a basic shoe though, as it takes a lot of tech from the R1,3 and 4 shoes. Review: Fikiz R5 Road Shoes

Firstly, the upper is a laser-perforated Microtex material taken, interestingly, from Fizik's saddles. This provides a very supple upper that forms to the foot, giving tons of comfort.

The sole is a carbon-reinforced nylon outsole that provides enough stiffness for comfortable feet. The nylon element helps by dampening road buzz, stopping it reaching your foot.


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