40% off the 25mm Vittoria Corsa G+


Tan sidewall are just better!

In fact, forgetting the brilliant handling and suppleness of these tyres, the looks alone do it for us.

Vittoria recently replaced their incredibly well loved Corsa tyres with a new graphine version. The casing is pretty much the same, with a 320tpi construction giving a far suerior ride feel over Continental tyres.

The graphine in the rubber compound has, according to Vittoria, lowered the rolling resistance over the older Corsa tyre. Those tyres, at the time, were tied with the GP4000S II as the fastest tyres you could buy for road use so we're pretty confident that these will be rather fast.

If you're looking at cornering performance then Vittoria say that the Graphine is also grippier than the old Corsa. We used the old Corsa for racing a lot of crits and found them to be super sticky.

Over on road.cc, Stu tested the winter version and loved them, giving them a 9/10.

Vittoria Corsa G+ 25mm
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